Puget Sound Fresh – Forest Products

Most of us Nor’Westers are acquainted with the benefit of locally grown food — it just tastes better.  But beyond the taste buds, local products help support our local economy, and in the bigger picture, it burns a whole lot less fuel than buying vegetables from the Central Valley in California.  OK, we get it.

But one sector of locally grown products that often gets overlooked is forest products.  Did you know that those few 2x4s for the DIY project from the big box store could have been grown hundreds or thousands of miles away from your home?   Forest products that are certified (ie, “green wood”) don’t necessarily come from “local wood”.

If you’re looking for products from NW forests, or “Cascadia Forests”, as we like to say, there’s a new way to find those products.  Cascade Harvest Coalition and Puget Sound Fresh have dedicated a website to finding locally grown products.  While the main emphasis of the website has been on farms, CSAs and Farmers Markets, Puget Sound Fresh is now promoting locally grown forest products.  These products could be anything from chanterelles to timbers.

Tree farms, mills and stores that market locally grown forest products are encouraged to advertise their products through listing on the Puget Sound Fresh website.  If you’re interested, you can submit a website listing form (click HERE for form and directions).

Happy hunting!